Reaching out in recovery is the hardest part

reaching out to touch the sky for help

I will respond to all people reaching out here.

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  Please feel free to contact me about AA NA recovery material. I have several AA NA speakers on mp3 and videos and links for recovery. All the speakers will be added to the AA speakers section, here.

Listening to speaker tapes is the easiest way of reaching out for help.

I have links on here for my Facebook Twitter and Pinterest. Please If you see anything you like please let me know by liking Facebook or following on Twitter or Pinterest which helps me out. I am on this site every day on desktop and mobile. Remember, there is only shame in not asking for help. There was too much spam so I removed the contact form, I can be reached through social media thanks.

In the beginning, I really struggled to reach out to anyone for help. I just couldn’t do it. It took me years to realize I had reached out to someone to get help. I urge anyone to listen even for just a few minutes to some of the material I posted on the AA Speakers page. If you need help with some of my using or accessing my recovery material just ask. I’ll do what I can

There is always hope when reaching outNever give up, there is always hope.

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  Would you like your own free custom spiritual quote?

Simply fill out the form and include what kind of background and custom spiritual quote you would like. If it’s easier just pick one or two quotes from my healing quotes page and how you would like things changed. I hope some of my AA NA recovery resources helped you. Maybe you know someone who could use some help. Pass it on Here is a great list of recovery blogs here

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If you have any recovery material you would like me to share with other addicts/alcoholics contact me.

Thanks for taking a few minutes and dropping by. I update this site regularly so bookmark/saves to favorites and check back. Follow me on Facebook Twitter Pinterest etc. I have also started to add links to other recovery-related sites below. Click here for sober blogs. The best gift we can give ourselves is a healthy recovery in AA and NA. I encourage everyone to continue reaching out. I have recently created a site to help some friends with house painting costs here.

have a great day quote with abstract background
have a great day quote with abstract background

Helping others to overcome addiction by reaching out for help I have also created a site to help homeowners with house painting cost here.