My name is  Ernie and I have been on the road to recovery and healing for over 25 years.

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Together we will heal on the road to recovery.

The road to recovery is difficult in many ways. Coming from an unhealthy upbringing it wasn’t long before I was looking for an escape from reality.

At the age of 13, I was introduced to the world of drugs and alcohol which changed my life forever.

After several years of chronic drug and alcohol addiction, I was pretty much forced to get clean at 20 years old. The road to recovery was a real struggle.

There are many roads to recovery.

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It wasn’t until after years of recovery that I realized something was indeed missing.

The journey of recovery for me has been more about discovering just who I am.

After getting clean and sober I slowly started to discover who I was, but I was lost when it came to spiritual healing.

There is hope.

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Becoming more spiritual is the goal,but how?

When I was new to recovery everything seemed hopeless. It took me 7 years just to start letting go of my anger. Even after being clean for years I still felt like I didn’t belong.

I sometimes still have days where I feel detached from society. That’s normal by the way.

But I had no idea what was “normal” in early recovery.

My life is forever changing. After 28 years of recovery, I have done my share of spiritual healing. I will be sharing my experience strength and hope. I tried to adopt others’ beliefs about god etc, but this never worked and made recovery even harder.

I had to find what worked for “ME” not everyone else.

We are all individuals and should be respected in that manner.

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There is always hope. There is always a choice we make.

And of course, making no choice counts.

I had a real tough time talking to people throughout my recovery.

This is where speaker tapes really helped me on the road to recovery. There is my all-time favorite AA speaker named Bob E or Bob Earl. Head on over to AA speakers and check out (head trips) this guy really gave me hope.

Feeling alone and frustrated

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I really had a hard time with God. As much as I wanted to believe and surrender I just couldn’t.

I kept thinking “How am I ever gonna make it”.

The program always talked about God as you understand him.I knew I had to develop some sort of belief in a higher power. Why couldn’t I just believe like all these other people?

The battle with recovery went on for years.

I (jokingly) even asked a psychologist once how hard is it to get a lobotomy? he kinda laughed and said it’s pretty tough.

I wasn’t serious, but it was really frustrating. Why couldn’t I just get this spiritual stuff? Not being able to grasp the spiritual aspect of recovery left me feeling like an outsider.

Was there a God and was He the answer

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Honestly, it wasn’t the answer for me.

What I mean is: I believed that if I could just get this God thing everything would be great.

That was somewhat delusional for me, but I had no idea it was. Do I have my own understanding of what God is today? My understanding is real simple god is love. This is what worked for me, most people don’t really have that big of a problem with the god concept.

Then I had to learn what love was, which didn’t make my road to recovery easier. I had to make things really simple for my recovery to actually work.

I wasn’t exactly raised with any healthy sense of love

spiritual healing with holding hands sharing love on the road to recovery

My biggest challenge was finding help. How do you find help when you can’t ask. I honestly didn’t know-how.

From quite young, I only learned how to survive. Surviving and living are two completely different things I found.

Surviving and living are completely different ways of life.I spent most of my life in survival mode, but I knew there was something more.I wanted to feel something and surviving you don’t really feel anything.

I was getting really sick of just surviving. It was then, that I realized I needed to reach out somehow.

That’s when I really started searching for other forms of help. I still wasn’t able to approach another person and say I needed help.

Then I found speaker tapes, which probably saved my life. I was getting tired of just “trudging the road to happy destiny”.

This was when I started to learn about spiritual healing.

Healing the spirit is the simplest way, to sum up recovery from addiction. Let’s face it people don’t become addicted for no reason. Unresolved issues is usually the cause.

Most times this stems from our upbringings. Then again I have met several people on the road to recovery who claim they came from fairly healthy families. Mine was horribly dysfunctional.

Some simply need more love, acceptance, and recognition than others.

The road to recovery two people supporting one another

I’m not here to discuss how or why addiction happens. I am here to offer real solutions that helped me in recovery.

Finding help can be incredibly difficult in the beginning. So I decided to create this site to help others.

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Take what you like and share.

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This is just a little of my story. The focus of this site is to simply share recovery-related material. This is my way of giving back and helping others on their road to recovery.

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