Hi and welcome to my site about healing from drug addiction and alcoholism. I have been in recovery since the beginning of 1986. I decided it is time to share my experiences and problems with learning how to cope with recovery and addiction. I also share my own custom recovery addiction quotes because they actually helped me recover.

The road to recovery is not an easy one. If you are looking for an easy answer that’s your first mistake. I had to get to a place where I honestly had to decide if I wanted to live or die. That may sound harsh but being brutally honest was essential. I learned early on something so simple such as recovery addiction quotes really helped me stay clean and sober. In recovery, very few addicts reach out for help so finding simple recovery tools was key.

recovery addiction quotes
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Becoming brutally honest with myself was first, then finding the right tools to help me was next. Sharing my main recovery tools for helping recover my spirit took years. If you are unable to ask for help in recovery then finding certain daily tools so you can do it yourself is vital. Simply creating recovery addiction quotes is how this site began.

My Recovery addiction quotes are here

Before we talk about healing from addiction, we have to discuss what is drug addiction and alcoholism. Many people still have the belief that only people living on the street are drug addicts and alcoholics, I assure you that’s very untrue. I have met several doctors, preachers, and little old ladies who fooled everyone.

recovery addiction quotes

Helping others is crucial

Helping others really is crucial if you want to ensure your own recovery which is why I started creating my own recovery addiction quotes. you are somewhat new to recovery and looking for help then keep reading. Today there are literally hundreds of ways to find help in recovery with social media.  Early recovery can be a real bitch for just about anyone. There were lots of days when I was just looking to make it through one day without killing someone. Like many, I had some serious anger problems at the beginning of my recovery.

True recovery is about sharing and helping another addict. It’s all about the ACT of one person helping another regardless of the outcome. I always try to do my part, by sharing recovery addiction quotes / the message of recovery on Twitter and Facebook. The people actually helping others throughout the world without getting paid generally live the best lives.

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Drug overdoses have reached an all-time high with fentanyl overdoses killing many today. It really quite sad just how big the drug overdose epidemic has become in North America. People need help every day.

Helping others truly is the key to success in many aspects of life. I was a very selfish person for years and never dreamed I would ever be interested in helping anyone ever.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is becoming a bigger problem than ever. The fact is people are looking to escape from the pain they have experienced. Far too often this starts in adolescence and only gets worse. We all have known someone who suffers from some sort of addiction at one point or another. This site was created to share some tools that have worked for me when nothing else would. Hopefully, this help you or someone that you know who suffers from drug addiction.

Alcohol addiction

There are some differences between drug addiction and alcohol addiction. I never put too much emphasis on this, simply because I found it only separated me from others. I say let’s not even bother looking at why they are different. I could on and on about the various differences between various addictions, but what does that accomplish? It wasn’t until years later that I actually realized how big of a mistake it was to think of the two addictions differently. So let’s not start off by disagreeing on the minor aspects of addiction.

I have been to literally thousands of AA and NA meetings over the years. The people dealing with drug addiction in NA have always been hard for me to tolerate even though I was a hard-core drug addict for years. I actually got most of my recovery by going to AA meetings. I always found alcoholics to be a little more stable than drug addicts. At the beginning of my recovery, I needed that little difference instability to make it recovery.

Cycles of drug addiction

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breaking the cycles of drug addiction and alcoholism

The cycles of drug addiction and alcoholism often extend deep into family generations. The cycles of addiction will usually be passed on to future generations unless someone breaks the chain. I have seen many parents pass on several characteristics of addiction to their children. Experience has taught me that breaking the cycles of addiction quite often takes years to recover. One of the most important aspects of recovery is taking responsibility for our part. Once we start breaking the cycles of abuse, true recovery and freedom will be rewarded. Never give up on each other, there is hope my friend. One thing that really helped me was using recovery addiction quotes.

We all hear horror stories about drug addictions. Yes, drug addiction is an ugly thing that causes all kinds of pain and suffering. My experience has taught me that pain and suffering are absolutely necessary before the addict can even choose recovery. Just remember this site is generally about my experience with drug addiction and recovery, not yours, but hopefully, I can share something about recovery that will help you.

Recovery speaker tapes really helped me make it through many days when it seemed impossible. Some people have no problem asking another for help, and others simply cannot ask for help. This is where someone turned me onto speaker tapes, which changed my course of recovery.

The best recovery speaker for me was Bob E and what a difference listening to his tapes made to my recovery. Simply put, just listening gave me hope and belief that I too can recover. I always urge new people in recovery to find different recovery tools to stay motivated. If you can’t go to AA or NA meeting try finding your own motivational recovery addiction quotes is a good tool.

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sharing the message of recovery from drug addiction

Healing from any addiction usually takes years. Healing from drug addiction can be done in several ways. The most common way of healing from addictions is 12 step programs. 12 step programs work for most people, this usually requires several attempts and failures at recovery. The key is to learn from our failures which can be extremely difficult. True recovery takes a lot of time and effort to break the cycles of addiction. Patience is key

Al-anon does good things if you are looking to help someone with an addiction. To treat an addiction we must first understand what works and what doesn’t. There are some fine lines between helping and aiding someone in recovery. I have met several parents who thought they were helping when in fact they were doing more damage to the addict. Education about addictions is extremely important when helping anyone in the recovery process. I urge anyone to simply try adding recovery addiction quotes to their daily life somehow, it may actually help them stay on the recovery path.

Most forms of addictions like drugs and alcohol are very selfish and self-centered by nature and take years to overcome. Opiate prescription drugs are leading to many addictions every day. Family and friends of addicts can never really understand why the addict is so selfish which makes the process of helping addicts recover quite difficult. It took me years to undo my selfish ways, this is where education about addictions is crucial to family and friends who wish to help. Now I just create and share personal recovery addiction quotes to carry the message.

Coping with drug addiction and alcoholism

coping with drug addiction and alcoholism
learning to cope with drug addiction and alcoholism

I have had to search for different ways to cope with my drug addiction and alcoholism. Most family and friends of the addict or alcoholic have trouble coping with the nature of the disease. When people first enter recovery it can be even more difficult for family and friends to understand the healing process. Listening to AA and NA speakers and posting some recovery addiction quotes can really help. Sometimes we all need to learn new ways of helping each other when it comes to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Helping others with addictions

The goal in life is really about helping each other. The key to recovery for addicts and alcoholics is to extend ourselves to helping others. The main reason I created this site was for helping others with addictions. If I can share some of my experiences with drug addiction and recovery, I win also. Fighting the addiction epidemic is always going to be tough. The more people are educated about various addictions the better off we all are.

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Remember to keep it simple when looking at recovery, it took me years to learn this very simple lesson. I suggest trying simple things like using recovery addiction quotes to help you stay focused. Forgiveness is key to true recovery. Be kind and learn how to start giving yourself a chance. Share what you can to help, we all win in the end thank you, and stay clean and sober.

Personal recovery addiction quotes

Pinterest is where this sharing of personal recovery addiction quotes started. I have been clean and sober for a long time and have heard almost all the personal recovery addiction quotes anyone ever used, but there were many recovery addiction quotes, I didn’t see on places like Pinterest. So I thought let’s start creating my own recovery addiction quotes and share them on social media. Check out my social links for all the personal recovery addiction quotes I created.